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Terms & Condition

 by waxingops


Should there be a need to reschdule, please inform us a week ahead of time, depending on our availability.
Reschedulement only applicable to once and subjected to our availability.

$20 deposit is required

Please make deposit/payment within 1 day after confirmation message has been sent otherwise appointment would be mark cancelled.


No refund/compensation once payment has been made. Strictly no refunds for deposit. Deposit will be forfeited if reschedulement has been made with less than 24 hours lead time.


Payment by PayNow, PayLah, or cash only. Please bring/prepare the exact amount if you are paying by cash.

Free touch up

Touch up is only applicable within two weeks of completed session. Touch up will only be available at Pasir Ris

Consent form

A consent form will be given right before we start the session. It is to avoid any contra-indications as well as taking consent that redness, bumps, bleeding might occur and it is completely normal and should cause no reason to concern.


Bring your valuables at your own risk, we will not be responsible in the event are missing. If your valuables are missing, we will try our best to find it for you.

Health and skin

Please consult a doctor if you have any skin problems etc. diabetes, eczema that you are in a good condition to get waxed before using our service. Please inform us if you have any sunburn, open wounds, or skin problems before the session and we will look into it. We will not be liable for any skin reaction if client did not mention anything and they had skin conditions.

During service

No refunds will be entertained once service has started


There will be a grace time of 10 minutes thus therapist will have the rights to reschedule and confiscate deposit after grace time

By using our services, you agree to all of the terms and condition mentioned.

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